Black Thumb Queen Experiments

Spring has FINALLY sprung.

Is it safe to finally say that yet?

Man New England you can be brutal. Love ya, but Winter go away.

We are an outside family. That is for sure. We are not indoor cats.



Now dear husband and I have lived together for 5 years now. Yet we finally live in a home of our own. Also, we no longer have an infant. Therefore, we are pretty excited to start renovating this house/yard into something of our very own.

So I finally convinced myself to start a garden. To throw away my title of the black thumb and make that shit green. Hopefully… We shall see.

Now anything in life that you want to be good at, you need to learn about. The best way to learn is to find really good teachers. Assembling a crew to help you, but participating in each step of the way is the best way for a kinesthetic learning like me to be successful.


So I asked for help.

I started a garden club with my work pals.

We went on a garden store field trip.


We seeded this place up.



Like any good club, sometimes we garden, sometimes we just sit in the yard and drink beer.



Got my crazy talented Dad to build me a wall.


He didn’t seem to mind. People like him around here.




Enlisted the help of my mother in law. Nana is a garden, landscape, and planting wizard. Her level of awesomeness knows no limits. She gets harassed by the garden club lady to be on the tour.

My bridal shower was in her back yard… because… well, it’s more beautiful then any place we could have rented.



Nana is the real deal. I always tell her she should design people’s backyards for them. She doesn’t need Pinterest. Their home is beautiful yet very laid back and homey feeling. I love it.


Therefore, if this gardening sorcerous wants to share her gardening knowledge with me, I probably should listen.

garden4 garden3


Of course, enlist your helpful husband. Which was not hard because yard work is his favorite.


Find Jack a friend so he does not injure himself.



Get someone who is a machine genius. Lure him to your home with promises of beer and pizza.


Now that you’ve been helped by what is basically Gardner’s equivalent of the Marvel Avengers.

Let’s see if we can make this thumb green.



I now see how people can get really into gardening. It’s a fun creative activity. It’s also really fun to have a project to do with your whole family. Definitely makes the end product that much more special.

I almost bought this man to watch over my Garden at TJMAX. He made me laugh every time I walked past him. But he was $60! Woof. I couldn’t justify spending $60 on a buddha garden gnome.


I guess what I’m trying to say is, Thank you family! I love you all. Happy Arbor day.


We also painted trees to celebrate Arbor Day.


Then it dawns on me, we are painting trees onto dead trees. #ArborDayFail


So go out and plant something! It’s fun! I mean haven’t you seen the Lorax?! Com’on you know the drill, no trees no air!




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