Be Thankful FOR YOU

be thankful

Am I thankful for my children?

thankful for my children

Um, so thankful that 3 years in, I still can’t even really believe they are mine.

Am I thankful for my husband?
thankful for my husband

EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Good days. Bad days. All days. As our marriage slogan says, “murder, not divorce.”

I hope the previous sentence is read in a court of law someday.

(RELAX internet. It’s a joke.) Seriously though, people need to calm down online. Every one is so worried about correcting people on the internet and pretending they are a perfect human being, that they forget to do it in real life. Just my observations! Don’t get your panties in a bunch.


Am I thankful for my family?

thankful for my family

Affirmative. My Dad is my biggest fan even when I suck. My older sister has taught me more about life than my parents. The twins are NO GOOD FAT STINKY GOOBER TURDS. (Not really, I just want to see if they actually read my blog.) My inlaws and brother in law are not “inlaws”. They are just my family.


Am I thankful for my friends?

thankful for my friends


All 8 days of the week. Through my 20s I collected some of the funniest, smartest, best people you could dream up.  Whether they are down the street and I get to love them during coffee time in the morning or states away, I love them all.


Am I thankful for my coworkers?

thankful for my coworkers

Oh yes. Being a working Mom with young children is RIDICULOUS. It makes you feel like an asshole ALL the time. Getting them out the door is similar to playing the amazing race. The obstacles that pop out at you can not be predicted ahead of time. My coworkers are insanely supportive. Without them, I probably would not have been able to continue doing what I love to do.


Am I thankful for Kelly Mara?


Ya, I am. She gave me support, honesty, and her patience. She pushed me outside my comfort zone. It’s amazing what you can do when someone believes in you. She taught me a job I love. What an irreplaceable gift.


Am I thankful for Bandit?


No. No I’m not. He puked on my staircase and I can’t get it out. So today I don’t thank him, I just tolerate him.



So today I’m going to switch it up.


Not in a conceited way. Not in a selfish way. In a appreciative way, where I recognize all i’ve got!

Do we really appreciate ourselves enough? From a very young age you are taught bad self talk. I love when Sarah Silverman says in her stand up, “People think that self deprecation is modesty but it’s not, it’s self obsession.”

Why is it perfectly acceptable to hate on your own body? Where are the people cheering themselves on?


So today I’m THANKFUL for me.

Thankful for my body.

Thankful my giant lungs can yell so loud.

Thankful my legs carry me around from here to there and partake in spontaneous dance parties.

Thankful my mouth works correctly so I can eat tacos and drink margaritas.

Thankful my spine stayed fused with the rods attached to them. Strong and resilient, no matter how large my children insisted on being.

Thankful my hormones have started to chill the f out.

Thankful my brain is smart enough to show  maturity and restraint. Recognizing not to junk punch my husband the other night when he told me “you really need to prioritize your time better.”

Thankful my eyes can see the beach. Always my calm down place.

Thankful my ears can hear music.

Thankful my stretch marks rip across my stomach like a shiny trophy. They are not something i’m ashamed of. They are my reminders that I carried two 10 lb baby boys, birthed 13 months apart. That my body created them, grew them, and then delivered them naturally. That is mother f-ing sorcery. Could your body do that? So don’t glance at my odd shaped body. But feel free to stop and applaud that my body is capable of creating a miracle. I watched it with my very own eyes.


Now you do it. Think about why you like yourself. What your body can do that is awesome. Then be thankful for it.



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Be Thankful FOR YOU
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Be Thankful FOR YOU
Be thankful for you because you're somebody's mother, so you ask am I thankful for my children, husband or family? yes, but here's why you should be..
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