Bandit Gets a Job

Now if any of you know Bandit, then you know he is a freeloader. 
He naps like a cat
Eats like a horse
and he swims like a…. 

Oh wait, he doesn’t swim. He’s just a black lab living on Cape Cod. Why would you think he would go in the water? No thanks. Bandit is more of a spoon Josh while he’s driving the boat type of outdoor dog.

We love him.

He may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but he is kind.

I attend a therapy dog group every Sunday night. It is for a group of teenagers and young adults with complex cognitive learning disabilities. Animals are healers. They are friends. It’s pretty amazing how much better of a mood every one is in when the dogs come.

Therefore, I want Bandit to come too. His temperament is too lax for me not to.  He is a love and needs to hug some children.

Here are the top 10 qualities that Bandit holds, that leads me to believe he will be a great therapy dog!

#1 Good at chillin’






# 4 Good with kids
#5 Always befriends other dogs


#6 Likes affection in whatever form he can get it.
# 7 Good Sense of HUMOR


# 8 Doesn’t Bark. 

I saw him bark once as a puppy and he scared himself and fell over. Haha. He was the runt. It is possible when we got him he was under 8 weeks old.



Bandit’s got a stubby tale. The end is snapped at the tip. We think he got mistreated as the runt of the gang. Or Mom tried to end him. Who knows. The animal kingdom is ruthless.
But if the movie “Rudy” has taught us anything, it’s that runts are compassionate and driven underdogs. Haha. Go Dito!



#10 He is just a lover 
not a fighter

Time to take Gargamel to dog therapy certification training. As luck would have it! They run the classes right here in my town at the library. Excellent. Time to learn BANDIT!

Now I missed the BASIC training class you can take beforehand. So I either have to wait until the next time they run that. OR I can have Bandit evaluated and they can just pass him to the actual handlers class which starts next week. He has to be able to sit, stay, and come. ect. Bandit knows those words. He’s become quite lazy these days so we will just have to freshen up.
They said he has to learn to put his head on people’s laps in the first class. I was like, nice we have that on lock down. I mean if you are reading this and you have ever been in my house… you have most likely been tenderly sexual molested by Bandit on my couch.




So I said, “Dumbledore, we’ve got homework to do during nap time.” He looked away.

Things bandit would rather be doing then learning:
Eating cat shit next door 
Spooning my husband
Not going outside

Too bad. Time to spread some 
kindness el bandito!



Get in loser, we’re going shopping.
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