Balancing Stick Pose

Balancing Stick Pose

The Balancing Stick Pose


Balancing Stick Pose is the “Pose of the month” for October at the studio.

Balancing stick is the story of my life.

Inhale your arms over your head sideways.
Stretch up out of your waist. Arms with your ears.
Inhale breathing, take a big step forward with your right foot. Point your left toes.
Come down until your whole body is parallel to the floor.
As Bikram says, “T like Tom. No broken umbrellas.”
Balancing Stick Pose yoga
Every muscle contracted. Every muscle engaged.
Finger tips stretch forward to the mirror.
Body down, LEG UP MORE.
Pulling your body in opposite directions.
Standing leg is solid. Thigh Contracted.
Natural human tug of war.
Arms with your ears, no gap
Stretch to the mirror
Roll your hip down to even out your hips
Suck your stomach in
Lift your leg up
Contract your glutes
Point your toes
Leg up
Leg up
Leg up…
Just breathe.
Let it go….
Simple, but not easy!
This is motherhood. Motherhood is my balancing stick.
This is my life:
  • Love and teach my 2 & 3 year old boys. Keep them alive.
love and teachlove and teach kids
  • Support and love my life partner man baby daddy husband lover.
  • Be there for my friends.
  • Teach Yoga to the community I admire
  • Teach life skills at a boarding school for teenagers with complex cognitive disabilities who I adore.
  • Working to convince the school that they should let Bandit work there. Sometimes kids need hugs from dogs. Sometimes adult need the same thing



  • ALSO, continuing to talk to said school about having a MINDFULNESS CENTER, Meditation station, Yoga studio, Fish tank central, Reflection party… whatever you want to call it. People are so obsessed with their kids academic stuff. But that’s silly. Because there is no more important skill then teaching your kid how to reduce their own stress. Instead of doing something destructive. Welcome to the common sense party everyone. But I digress yyyyyyy
  • I feel as though I need to do the Avon breast cancer walk again this spring. Fundraising is definitely a commitment, yet it was one of the coolest experiences of my life. So I guess, donate to my PAGE… Because when I walk I feel a piece of her
And if I could make any little girl have her Nana for more year than I got. I’d walk a zillion miles. I’d forest gump this shit up.
So let’s do it
DONATE TO MY PAGE. Message me if you want to join my team!
  • SELF CARE. Oh crap. Shouldn’t that have been #1? How easily does that happen. How do you expect to live this long  glorious successful life if you don’t take care of the vehicle that gets you there. Ya, your body. Duh.
Long story short, I’m a busy f-ing bee. It is amazing, exhausting, beautiful, irritating, fulfilling, crazy, and 20 other descriptive words of your choosing. Because Motherhood is everything all at the same time.
Here’s the deal…..
You show up every day. You do your best. You push yourself. You listen to your body. You let it go when you don’t do it right. Because guess what? You always get a second set. You will always get a chance to try again and make it right. To do the right thing even when it’s hard.
Wait was that paragraph about motherhood or balancing stick pose?
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