Back to Reality

Okay, I have no business writing on my blog right now. I should be getting ready for work so that I don’t look like a troll who guards a bridge at my job. But I wanted to share a quick tale from my morning.

This past weekend was very fun. (See previous blog). Went to Martha’s Vineyard for the weekend, slow danced with my husband while looking at the sun set over the water. Glorious.

This morning was fuzzy. I woke up in my own bed to the sound of someone yelling at me on the monitor. Back to reality it is. As I’m rubbing my face and prolonging a few last seconds of warm morning bed. Finally, I hear, “Mom. I did a P-U. I clean up. No worry.”

I walk into their room. Two laughing boys. Happy as pigs in shit…
Wait, there is a little pig in shit. My confused morning eyes quickly flick on the light and survey the scene. It would seem as though my friendly morning voice on the monitor did indeed “clean up.” Sadly, his version of clean up is to take off his loaded poopy diaper and launch it across the room where it smacks into the closet and explodes everywhere. (What can I say, the kids got a cannon of an arm!) ¬†Poop smeared all over his feet and hands. Yes, some of the face as well. When I looked over he was using his beloved stuff cow to wipe his butt.

So that happened.

Welcome back to Mom life, Mom!
I clearly did not poop all weekend in preparation for the morning of your return.

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