An Open Letter to My Husband on Father’s Day

Dear Baby Daddy,

Happy Father’s Day. Our boys our 10 months and 23 months old today. Me and you? We fight. We sigh. We stomp around. Not always at the same time. Sometimes we take turns being pissed off. We are in the trenches of babies. We both work full time jobs. We both don’t get enough sleep. These tiny people need us 24/7. It’s beautiful but it an’t always pretty.

Do you remember these two idiots?
They didn’t fight about anything.
Well that’s not true. Maybe they had a nauseating round of, “No I love you more!”
I want to get in my dolorean and go back in time and shake that skinny bitch. That couple slept till 9 am that morning and then on a whim hopped on  the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard with their beach crusiers bikes. Drove around on bicycles eating pizza and drinking beer while the Monster Shark tournament went on in Oaks Bluff. Saying naive things like.. “Ugh I have to work this Sunday. Poor me. I have to work on a weekend day.” FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS LADY. Now I can’t sleep in until 9 am.  EVER. Don’t get me wrong. I have had the opportunity to. You, dear husband, have taken he boys on a Saturday morning adventure so I could get a little sleep. I’m thankful for that. But these boys have my time so messed up and I am on their schedule so deep that I just lay there spooning my dog with my eyes wide open. Day dreaming about sleep. Crazy right? I know. But Mom’s, holler if you hear me. Long story short. Me and you dear husband we never knew how good we had it.
Well now we have it better and harder. We created this….. Let’s take a minute to ponder this….
Not that we are perfect. Ben gave himself a whole pen tattooed sleeve the other day while I put Jack down for a nap. I put the peanut butter in the refrigerator the other day. And you, well you thought it would be a good idea to throw a wrapped up dirty diaper off the balcony in our house to save time. We all learned from that experience.
 But I’m sorry dear husband. The beauty of what we have done, doesn’t mean we are not subjected to new challenges as we transition into parenthood. We came from different places. We had different style families growing up. We are six years apart in age. When you were drinking beer out on the power lines as a teen, I still had a unibrow and was psyched to wear a full windbreaker jump suit cause I had gym that day. You had the stay at home Mom, grandparents living next door, every one in your family still lives in your hometown with you. I had “married” parents until I was 18. Mom worked overnights at the hospital. Dad was a 50/50 parent out of necessity to survive. Four kids in five years. From about 15 years old on my parents were already divorced. They just lived in the same house out of necessity financially and us kids were important to both of them. But it didn’t make it any less of Thunderdome during those years. I laugh if people ever said the phrase “stayed together for the kids.” That’s a terrible idea. Kids are smart. They pick up on things. You can’t do things for show. When my parent’s got divorced, me and my older sister were like, “Thank god.” We were pretty sure one was going to kill the other. It was time to call it.
 So now we are making our family. Well we did the making. The dudes are here. We are a new unit. Our pasts don’t matter much anymore. But they still are how we each formed as people. Now we have to figure out what works for us. So we are spending a lot of time getting the kinks out. I think that’s okay. Figuring out what works for us as a new family. We may not even realize we are doing it, but it’s how human nature works. It can be stressful. It can be exhausting. It can be repetitive. It can be infuriating. Now listen closely, here is the secret dear husband, I don’t want to do this job with any one else. So I suppose the only direction we have to move is forward.
It’s Father’s Day and I’m thankful for you.
Here are my TOP 5 reasons for being glad that I let you impregnate me.
Pictures are not your thing. But you play right along to make me happy. I love you for that.
#3 You got SKILLS. You know girls only like guys who have SKILLS.
Boating Skills
Hunter/Gatherer skills
Climbing mountain skills 
Sleeping skills
Party game skills
Fishing Skills
# 4 Hardest working human being on the planet


Building us a home.


You sir, work hard. You support us. You bust your ass for us. We know this. We love you.
#5 Because it was never supposed to be anyone else. 




Happy Father’s Day 2015 you filthy animal.
Love you long time.
P.S. I’m sorry I called you a Momma’s boy the other day. That was below the belt and I admit that.
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  1. You make me smile, Brittany. You are enlightened and even as a young wife and mother you help remind us "old"-er married folks appreciate the past, the present and the anticipation and excitement of the future. Love you!

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