About Britt

The 411 on Britt:

Britt is a large ball of light. Sensitive person. Empath. ADHD. I’m not one for labels, but just trying to paint a picture of what type of magnitude of energy we are talking about here. Let’s just say she’s a beautifully complex human being.

 Aren’t we all though?

Britt is sick and tired of hearing everyone talk about how the world is going to shit. How bad things are. Negative. Negative. Negative news. Politics. Barf. 24 hour new cycle of mostly garbage.  

Britt does not buy it and refuses to be part of the bitching and become a part of the solution. She has began to search all over Cape Cod and has found people doing epic shit everywhere. People helping people. People impacting people. People mentoring people. So she started to look for people doing good and joined in.

Britt found her platform to positively impact her community through teaching Yoga. Britt is a Bikram 26 & 2 method hot yoga teacher as well as a children’s yoga instructor. Her hair, confidence, and love of yoga are all big.

She teaches to help people thrive in being different. Thrive in the healing journey. Thrive in their life, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

 Britt had scoliosis as a child and had two rods fused to her spine at age 15. This healing journey ultimately led Britt to find the hot yoga room and utilize that as a large piece of her recovery. 

After enjoying so much healing from her own practice made her feel compelled to share this practice with others and become a teacher. Britt is grateful for this platform to hold space for people to learn to love themselves again.

 When she’s not in the hot room Britt teaches kid’s yoga and has the privilege of being the Day Camp Director at Camp Wingate Kirkland. Britt works to have a positive impact on the youth of learning how to identify and regulate their emotions. How to build a tool set for self care and self regulation. Most importantly, how to move your body and have fun.

 Britt is a Speaker and has recently talked about self care in adulthood and her journey growing up as a child of an alcoholic. Britt is a Writer. Her blog “You’re Somebody’s Mother” chronicles her journey through the transition into motherhood.

Britt is a contributor to Scary Mommy and Elephant Journal. Britt is currently working on her first book which will contribute to the much needed conversation of mental health and addiction.

Britt hosts a variety of workshops on  topics such as self care, leadership, motivation, being raised by an addict, introduction to yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, wellness in the work place, and yoga for special needs. 

 Britt lives on Cape Cod with her husband, two boys and black lab (more like large weird cat). Britt is the the President of this feminist frat house and wins Mom of the month every single month. Britt is a washashore, but her family loves her anyways. 

Britt enjoys singing loudly, hosting jamborees and watching TED talks with her dog. 

“Comparison is the thief of joy” –Teddy Roosevelt   Britt Burbank

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