A St. Patrick’s Day Message!



Happy St. Patrick’s Day & Throwback Thursday (says the internet)

So there I am. Just a spring chicken on spring break in Charleston, SC. My sister and I got hit on by a dude who’s game plan was the following….

“Hey ya, I’m in med school.”

Me-Roll my eyes and turn my body language

Kinder Sister- “Oh really, that’s great. Where did you get your undergrad?”

Future Dr. Spaceman- “What’s an undergrad? No, I’m in med school.”

25 minutes later…

Thanks guy with no game and sociopathic tendencies. You provided us with laughter all the walk home on the beach.



May you celebrate your Irish heritage today! I know, I will. Because 7 years later I am with my sister on the opposite coast of the United States. Everything is different, yet everything is the same.


But lastly, a friendly piece of advice from someone who lived it, if you come from Irish Catholic roots, try not to suppress your feelings and shove them down. Feel free to let that shit go.



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