15 Tips to have a Fan-f-ing-tastic Holiday Season

 15. Be prepared for anything.

14. Wear matching shirts.


13. Don’t sweat the small stuff.


12. Don’t think any Christmas decoration is safe. No matter what you set up.

11.Find ways to be active with your kids.

10. Go to yoga. Even if it’s snowing. Check your excuses at the door.

9. Wear awesome sweaters

8. Photoshop your world traveling sister into the family photo

7. Make your younger sister do things with your kids that you don’t feel like squishing yourself into.

6. Make your kid something meaningful.

5. Go Ice Skating

4. Christmas hats =necessary purchase

3. Buy hilarious yankee swap gifts.

2.Real friends wear matching Christmas onesies.


1.Read to your kids in comfortable pajamas.

BONUS: Don’t forget to enjoy fresh air, even when it’s cold.



It’s supposed to be fun. If it’s not.. ask why that is to yourself.



Much love



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