6 Easy and Frame-Worthy Art Ideas for Toddlers



Ball in a Box Painting


This simple activity requires only a ball or various balls of different sizes (marbles work too), a cardboard box or even a deep baking pan, paper and paint.

Put your paper in the box. Place a few drops of paint on various spots of your paper and then add the ball or balls. Then let your child tilt the box back and forth to move the balls through the paint to create art! Quick, mess-free and fun with a piece of art that looks pretty fantastic!

Car and Animal Tracks Painting



Kids will have a blast using their toys to create art! You only need a few toy cars or trucks and/or some plastic animal figures. Give your child a sheet of paper and a tray of paint (I actually use plastic, bendable cutting boards for my kids paint palettes. They are easy to clean, easy to move and very flat making clean-up and mess monitoring a breeze.) Then have your child dip the toy into the paint and create tracks on their paper. For added fun after you’re done painting you can put them through a “car wash” and give all of the toys a nice clean with soapy water. My kids always love this part.

Tape/Sticker Resist Painting


Using tape to create a pattern or spell a name is a painting idea you’ve probably seen all over the internet. My twist is to use stickers too! Simply apply your stickers to any type of canvas or sturdy paper (If it is regular paper the stickers will tear the paper when you remove them. You need to use a heavier weight of paper like watercolor paper. But, canvas works best.) Then, let your kids paint away covering the entire paper/canvas with color. Once the paint is dry, remove the stickers and you have art!

Cotton Ball Paint Splat


This one is not only awesome looking when complete but is also a ton of fun to create! Lay a piece of thick paper or canvas on the ground or table and apply random blobs of paint on top. Next, cover each blob with a cotton pad ensuring that you can’t see the paint underneath. Then hand your child a rubber mallet and tell them to hit each cotton pad. This will cause a splatter effect and a surprise burst of color to erupt from beneath each pad. You can even make it a game of guessing which color will be next. When your done, remove all of the cotton pads and let it dry. Like all of our painting projects this one quickly descended into madness once they decided to make handprints. But, it was all washable and I’m happy to say that their clothes are fine. Even if they weren’t, they had enough fun to make ruined clothes worth it.




Muffin Tin Print Making



This fun project will create a unique piece of art no matter what using only a muffin tin, paint and paper! To create it, give your child a muffin tin, bottom up. Let them paint the bottom of each muffin spot  however they like. When the bottom is completely painted take a piece of paper and gently lay it onto the bottom of the tin quickly lifting it away. You should now have an interesting painting consisting of six or twelve circles painted by your child and looking fabulous

Bubble Print Painting



Kids love bubbles so, creating art with bubbles sounds awesome right? This easy project requires bubble solution, a bubble wand, food coloring or paint and paper and all children have to do is blow bubbles! Give the child a piece of paper and a bowl or two of colored bubble solution. Then have them blow bubbles towards their paper. Allowing the bubbles to pop on the paper will leave bubble prints and create some pretty fantastic art. To create the bubble solution you can mix ½ cup of water, a few squirts of dish soap and 2 tablespoons of paint or several drops of food coloring. You can also make a pretty neat bubble blower by taping several plastic straws together.

For me, the most important part of creating art with kids is to make sure they have fun and are able to express themselves. I prefer to do most painting activities outside when the weather is nice. This way, I don’t have to worry if they make a mess because the rain will eventually wash it away. This gives them the opportunity to really experience everything about the paint including how if feels. I also always start a project knowing that it will either end with a bath or the kiddie pool. And, on warm days we do all the painting in our swimsuits so I don’t have to worry with dirty clothes afterwards. My kids had a blast with all of these fun projects (specially the muffin tin prints. They spent thirty minutes with that one!) and I hope your kids do too!

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