32 Times Parenting Sucked and Social Media

So we’ve established that parenting is equal parts glorious and horrifying. See: Mom Paradox.


Something I observe regularly is how much people overthink social media. Comparing their lives to other people’s highlight reel. Feeling sad that everyone is else is so much more put successful, put together, in love… ect.

Knock it off.

No one’s life is perfect. If you haven’t figured that out yet, please come out of the rock you have been living under and join us.

Everyone falls differently on the spectrum of what we think is appropriate to share on social media.

That’s okay!

I always think of Amy Poehler when she says, “Good for you. Not for me.”

Maybe i’ll share this picture…



That doesn’t mean this morning I didn’t wake up to the feeling of my 3 year old spooning me and peeing down my back.


I believe in 2017 we have a mindset crisis.


People are trying to gage their own happiness by comparing it to what others are doing, instead of basking in the glory of the moment that they are in.

Wake up everyone! You are missing it.

There is good in every single part of life.


I love  being able to see my cousins kids even though we live far away from each other.

I love to be able to congratulate friends on their accomplishments no matter how many years have passed.

But I don’t need to worry about my life when looking at other people’s pictures.

If you feel sad that others are doing cool things with their lives and you are doing nothing…

You should immediately stand up, put the internet down and go do something.

Connect with someone. Help someone. Sing something. Get a hobby. Take a class. Declutter your house. Read a book to your kid. Exercise. Plant a garden. Call a friend. Make a to do list. Draw a vision board. Ask a question to a knowledgable person. Meditate.


Now if you have had a day of glorious living. Feel free to lay in your bed and post pictures on social media. Reflecting on the smiles of the ones you love.

Social media is a yearbook.

It’s cool to have a nice one, full of memories you can recall, share, laugh, and send to others to make them smile.

But just like a yearbook, it will never compare to what you felt when you were making those memories.

Follow @somebodys_mother on Instagram. You will see so many smiling faces and laughing. But just remember every parent experiences insanity in their own special family way.

Be kind to each other. Cheer each other on.

Just to prove to you that we are all on the same team.


Here are 20 days that parenting didn’t go smoothly for me.


  1. The time I peed my pants ice skating.

Don’t judge me. I had two 10 lb babies out of that bread box.


2. When I had to play defense on my 13 month old son, so that he didn’t love his new baby to death.

I’d regularly have to just give him the Heisman.


3. When you are 9 months pregnant at your childhood friends wedding and you can’t find your husband, which makes you locked out of your hotel room.

You ponder what it will be like being a Mom from jail, cause you surely might murder your husband.


4. When my children discovered lying.


5. Every time i’ve ever gone to the grocery store.


6. The day you realized  your second child would be the death of you.


7. That time you were postpartum two kids and you tried running.

You thought.. “Shit, is this some freaky friday bullshit? This can not be my body. My butt is so heavy.” I can only imagine it looks like the step sister’s butts in Cinderella.


8. That time you were trying to foster independence.


9. That time your dog begged you not have another baby.

I know B, they are a lot of work.


10. That time you had a 10 lb baby sitting on your bladder one week overdue.

You sat on a bag of frozen peas every night cause the pressure was so intense. (So…. never eat at our house.)


11. That time you lost 20 lbs and accomplished all your goals.

Just to eventually go right back to letting the rip tide of postpartum pull you back in.


12. That time people protested exiting story time at the library.


13. That time you couldn’t get super excited about your new baby because you were pretty sure you were giving birth to a Shy guy in Mario party on N64.

You sat around feeling guilty that it didn’t feel real. Weren’t you supposed to be elated?



14. When people start to fight each other in the double stroller 2 miles from home.

My version of caroling to my neighbors is screaming baby chorus.


15. When you went swimming with friends for the first time postpartum.

I couldn’t wear enough clothes.


16. I thought it would be cute to take my son to the chorus performance at the school I worked for at the time.

He cried in the corner the entire time.

Eventually I gave in and said.. “Hey do you want to see one of the buses.” Which he always asks about. I pop open the emergency door and hoist him up.

Finally the crying ceases.

I let him sit on the seat. We goof around a bit. Then I say okay, we need to go home. I sit on the back of the bus and push myself off the back with 3 year old Ben in my arms.

I hear it. My jeans caught on something on the bus.

It rips open the back of my pants.

I drop Ben down on to the pavement.

I now have a rip down the entire back of my pants… at the place i’m employed. While there is 1,000 people on campus.


I pick up Ben and start to book it to the car.

He’s scolding me the whole way. “You dropped me. That hurt. That wasn’t good friendship Mom.” 

Sorry kid, we don’t have time for a social emotional breakdown of the stupidity that just happened.

Cold wind on my butt cheeks.

We have to make a break for it.

Not good friendship? Uhh.. I beg to differ.

Turns out, I will do all kinds of stuff that I don’t want to do to make you happy. Actually making you happy seems to trump everything else in my life.


17. The time we spent Thanksgiving in the hospital.


18. The death of the pacifiers experience. 


19. When baby gates stopped working.

Rest in peace baby cages. I loved you.


20. That time I had the flu and no one cared.


21. When your pregnant but your baby wants you to hold him 24/7.

He’s only 10 months old in this pic, but I can only imagine he’s saying “No one gives a shit about your low back pain Mother.”


22. Every friggin time you have to watch your kids say bye to your Dad because he lives two hours away.

Breaks my heart. EVERY. TIME.


23. That time you had to ask your kid to get out of the trash can.


24. That time you thought Halloween would be fun.


25. The picture you took the day you went back to work after 6 months of maternity leave.

People are concerned.


26. The time I had to separate them cause they were kissing with tongue.


27. The time you had to manage Bandit’s sadness in his transition to second class citizen.


28. When you had to start to be creative to be a working Mom.


29. This.


30. That time you focused so much on getting your children dressed and out the door, you didn’t realize until after that you went into the store and spoke to other humans looking like this. 

Hey everyone I know.


31. Days toddlers got mad.


32. The evolution of your selfie game.




Do you see?

Everything about your life is the thoughts you tell your brain.

The difference between “boo hoo I don’t have a boat. Must be nice.”

and “Wow that looks like a lot of fun!” is up to you.


Don’t take social media so seriously.

No one has a better life because they take better pictures and use filters well.


Just remember: You can change your life EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Your life is made up of small choices all day long.

If you don’t like what’s happening in your life, change your next choice.


You have all the power my dear.


Oh and the world would be a better place if we just realized we are actually all in it together.

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