Nobody is the Best at Marriage

My husband asked me not to make fun of him on the internet anymore.


Well, that’s fair.

Truth be told, I tease because I love.

He said, “It’s trashy to talk about your personal relationship stuff on the internet.”

Which is true. There is a lot that is better left off of social media.

Yet, in my life long amusement and fascination with human behavior, I can’t help but think about the paradox of social media.

If you only put pictures of your family smiling with hashtags like #blessed, then you are creating a false show of your life. Yet, if you share anything real.. everyone’s like.. ahh.. oh my.. too much.

It’s basic nonsense.

But none of my human behavior over assessment matters, cause I respect my life partners wishes. I don’t mean to upset him. I’m just a silly honest person with low impulse control.

Even though for the record, I could get a lot of money for that guy. He’s a babe. He can build anything. He is someone you can trust.

I have said it time and time again, that his large set of life skills are the only reasons i’d last any amount of time in a zombie apocalypse.

Okay, I’ll keep him.


Or he will keep me.


Who knows.. in the end, all I know is that we are both stubborn butt faces who love each other.









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