This is 30: Happy Halloween Addition

This is 30: Happy Halloween Addition

This is 30: Happy Halloween Addition


“In girl world, Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”

-Cady, Mean Girls


There she is. Young Britt. What a goober.  If these pictures were a jeopardy question, the answer would be, “what is outfits that you couldn’t pay me to wear in public now at 30 years old.”

Well young Britt traded in her abs for some bad ass tiger stripe stretch marks and a strange fat pouch kinda like a kangaroo.

Guess what?

I had fun on Halloween back then, and I have even more fun on Halloween today. Also, an added bonus is that I’m not freezing my ass off.


Last year while trick or treating, I listened to a Dad complain about trick or treating as we walked down the street. I had to smile and laugh. You are with your best friends, you drank a couple beers, now you are walking down the street and your children are shrieking with joy (basically the kid version of the purge.) If you are that annoyed by this, maybe you just have a bad attitude.

Your right. We have waaaaaaaaaay more responsibilities these days.  Yes, the night will end at 9. Yes, your kid will not be listening to you. But can’t you just suck it up and have some fun? Give your kids happy memories that will hopefully shape them into not being a serial killer when they grow up?

I’m so thankful that I grew up in a parent culture that loved and prioritized their kids, yet still always knew how to have fun. Fishing tournaments, board games, boating, swimming, ice fishing, watching my Dad play men’s league basketball ect. The adults I was around still participated in their favorite hobbies, they just always included us in there.

I don’t understand why the messaging these days is because you are a certain age you can no longer have fun. Because you are a parent, your life is supposed to be a drag. That’s a strange mindset to me. I didn’t have the boys to retire from life, I had them to enhance my life.

I can’t help but love being 30. (NOT SARCASM). Because guess what my body is actual better.

“Better? No offense Britt but I’m not sure your body is better…It’s um, a little stretched out. People still congratulate you on being pregnant and your baby is 2…”



Oh but it is my friends.

My body is better at 30 because my brain is better. I am smarter. I’m more rational. I actively surround myself with good people. I take care of myself mentally. I take time to relax. I am authentic. Therefore, I am the best version of myself that I have ever been.

Stop being so afraid of change. SO you left binge drinking early 20s culture. BOO HOO.

Guess what I have gained? EVERYTHING.




Happy Halloween Everyone! I hope you wear a silly costume and give your kid some good memories instead of standing in the background with your arms crossed saying annoyed comments to a parent friend.




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