15 Little Habits, To Help You Stay Fit and Healthy During Your Pregnancy

Fit And Healthy Pregnancy Tips – 15 Little Habits To Help You Stay Healthy And Fit During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most powerful period of every women’s life.

It’s the time of your life when you have a life growing inside you, making you feel new yet so amazing and blessed.

It’s also the time when you have to take a very good care for your health because everything you do affects the both of you.

Many women still don’t actually realize how important it is to stay healthy during pregnancy, at times when taking care of their health has never been more important.

Why? Because a woman’s good health is essential to the good health of her baby.

Because of that, I decided to do a little project and find a few little thing that can help you stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy.

These 15 healthy habits are going to keep you healthy, both you and your baby, making sure you make the best out of the stay.

So dear expecting mommies, it’s time for you to rock!

#1 Always start your day with frozen berry water

frosen fruit water

We probably all know that staying hydrated during pregnancy is really important, but the one thing that you might not know yet, is that pure water is not the only way to do that.

Actually, flavoring your water with fruits is the best hydration you can provide to your body, especially when doing it first thing in the morning.

Frozen berry water is the combo you should go with, since berries are loaded with fibers and are low in sugar.


#2 Use the healthy pregnancy eating formula

Your diet should be based on one simple formula:


This includes: fish, meat, eggs, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, milk, lots of veggies and greens and whole wheat products.

You should completely avoid sugars and bad carbs, especially the processed foods, because they contain lots of empty calories and sugars that are bad for your health.


 #3 Squeeze in iron smoothie between your meals

Many expecting mommies have problems with iron deficit.

The main reason for this is that during pregnancy the blood in our body increases and we find ourselves in need of more iron to make more hemoglobin.

And the best way to help your body in this process, is to intake raw iron on daily basis.

A fun and healthy way to do that is to load your smoothie with: spinach, kale, cocoa beans, nettle seeds, Swiss chard, beet green, asparagus, leeks, pumpkin seeds or almonds.

Having it between your meals on daily basis, will help you stay hydrated and full.


#4 Strength Train With Resistance Bands

resistance bands

In the past, women were forbidden to exercise during their pregnancy.

Fortunately, that fact was proven to be wrong, and  it’s now more than certain that pregnant women should work out.

And the best way to stay active and challenge your muscles is to strength train.

You don’t even have to go to the gym, just buy a set of resistance bends, and you’re all set.

There’s absolutely no reason why you should stop lifting weights when you are pregnant, since strength training, just as any other physical activity, cannot harm your body or the baby you’re carrying – it can only help!


#5 Quit Sugars and Bad Carbs

If you haven’t done this yet, make sure to do it as soon as possible.

Sugar is a bad choice, when it comes to everyone of us, especially when it comes to eating for two.

And this should not be one of those things that you read, but actually never incorporate to your everyday life, because this should become your everyday habit without even questioning, for the sake of both of you.

Sugar is considered as the modern drug, that’s the main reason why obesity, diabetes and heart disease happen in the first place.

So make sure to kick these nutrient free foods out off your diet and never look back.

#6 Add yoga to your daily menu

prenatal yoga routine



Starting from developing stamina and strength needed for the extra weight, to strengthening your hips, back, arms and shoulders, yoga is the best choice for every mommy-to-be.

Not to mention the physical and emotional balance while increasing the flexibility and circulation in your body.

Also, yoga can be a great way to get ready for the upcoming labor, since the conscious breathing is present while performing almost every yoga pose.






#7 Cycle for cardio

Cycling is the best cardio you can perform, if you want to sweat it off now and then.

Why it’s so good?

Well, since you’re in a seated position, it doesn’t add any pressure on your back.

Cycling can even help you overcome the morning sickness, you just have to make sure to take it easy and start with a light route.


#8 Drink coconut water on daily basis

Phosphorus, sodium, potassium and calcium, are just few of the many healthy nutrients that adds the coconut water at the top of the list when it comes to pregnancy recommended drinks.

The electrolytes it contains will make sure to keep your blood pressure in control, keep the right amount of fluid levels in your body and maintain a healthy weight.


#9 Take Walks In Fresh Air Every Morning

Walking in fresh air is a great idea, especially when done early in the morning.

Bathing your sleepy organs with oxygen, while breaking a little sweat is the perfect start to the day.

Don’t do fast walking, and don’t force yourself, just focus on the breathing, and keep it up for at least 20 minutes.

Repeating this routine every morning will make sure to increase the circulation in the whole body and provide healthy sweating for the rest of the day.


#10 Drink Plenty Of Water


I’m sure that you already visit the restroom too often, but that doesn’t mean that you’re hydrated – it just means that your baby is getting comfortable on top of your bladder.

Drinking enough water is really important, because now you’re drinking for two, right?

Not only that water has the function to help your body absorb the essential nutrients into the cells and transports vitamins, minerals and hormones to the blood cells, but drinking enough water on daily basis will help you deal with fatigue and headaches, making sure you feel energized and fresh.


#11 Don’t forget about your abs

Just because you’re pregnant, doesn’t mean that you have to forget about the existence of your ab muscles.

Actually, exercising your abs will support your pelvic organs, and will alleviate the pressure your “bump” puts on your back.

Strong abs will support proper posture, and will be of a great help in your after birth recovery process.

You should just avoid abs exercises lying on the floor, other than that you’re all set.


#12 Always include a bowl of salad in your dinner


You need your vitamins during pregnancy and the best way to get them is through a bowl of greens.

Eating a bowl of salad for dinner, will make sure to keep you full and loading you up with pure vitamins, while eliminating any chance of digestion problems during the night.

Green salad, with olive oil and few drops of fresh lemon juice, and you’re all set.


#13 Swim at least once a week

Swimming is something that every pregnant women should try.

Not only that it helps every mommy maintain a good form and stay in shape, but the water will support the increased weight too, making the body feel lighter.

And that feeling is priceless!


#14 Have Smaller, More Frequent Portions

As your baby takes up more and more space, eating smaller meals more often can minimize the discomfort of having a full stomach, leaving you feeling more comfortable in your own body.

You should have at least 5-6 meals a day, including smoothies and healthy snacks.

This meal arrangement will speed up your metabolism, help you minimize nausea, and will keep you and your baby healthy.


#15 Don’t overeat fruits

Yes, fruits are healthy, and yes you can eat fruits, but you have to understand that fruits are just another form of sugar.

They’re natural, raw and contain lots of vitamins, but fruits are loaded with fructose too, and fructose is the part of the sugar that makes us addicted to it.

So eat fruits, but choose them wisely and with a lot of control.

Eat berries, green apples and lime instead of fruits loaded with sugar such as bananas, mangos, figs and grapes.

You can still get all of the vitamins your body needs out of the vegetables and greens, without adding that extra energy.


Expecting mommies, it’s your turn to rock!

Try include just a few of my little pregnancy habits in your life, and you’ll build a better health for you and your baby.

It’s the most powerful creation to have a life growing inside of you, so let’s make sure you make the best choices for both of you.

So, on your way! 🙂


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