2017 is in full swing here on the bicep of Cape Cod. I’m force feeding every one vitamin D and tricking people I love into exercising. Because February is coming and it is by far the worst month in New England.

By February, even the most hard core New Englanders are like, “Alright Winter. I’m over you. let’s break up.” Don’t say, “but it has Valentine’s Day!” Valentine’s day is terrible. If you need a holiday for your spouse to do something nice for you, you’ve got bigger fish to fry.

 In the spirit of not losing our minds being indoors together more than we should… I think it’s best to keep busy and make sure you are taking care of yourself. So here are 10 positives for me this week.



10. My friend drew this blog logo for me. I love it.10things9

9. Sometimes I put kids in my shirt so that they don’t run away from me.10things5

8. Last week my 3 year old casually walked by my room as I was changing and said, “Mom, you have big nipples and I have little nipples.” Then walked downstairs.

Speaking of breasts, DONATE TO MY WALK!

My team has already raised $2,332 and we are just getting started! So very proud of them.



7. The boys got a science lesson. Bye bye Christmas.10things2

6. The homies loved gym class.

5. We lived in a pillow fort for a while.



4. I did the January Chair Dare for the  yoga studio I teach at!10things11


2. Can’t help but love all the girl power. I’m not talking about the election. I’m talking about always loving strong women. I’m talking about how hilarious it is at the fact that women are sooo much better at organizing stuff then men. Women will plan the shit out of a march.

If you have recently been in an argument with someone on Facebook about whether the march was important or not necessary or how you are sick of the term feminism or because you hate Donald Trump or because Hilary needs to go to jail. Basically, if you have argued with anyone on Facebook ever listen closely. Take the palm of your hand. Raise it up. Then slap yourself in the face.

March. Don’t march. Support. Make fun of. Rant. I really don’t care.  Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion.

I just want to live in a world where every one knows they have choices. That’s all. 10things

  1. Here we go 2017.10things14
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3 thoughts on “10 POSITIVE THINGS

  1. BOOYAH!

    Now THAT was a fun article….and I love the #1 quote the most.

    I see why you picked it.

    Most of us are in that boat….HOWEVER, I think the most useful PARENTING quote is letting someone else be tough on your kids.

    It IS life, but I want my kids not only to be employable…but human.
    …not animals.

    Robert’s right, Britt…you’re awesome.

    Jaime Buckley
    Your Biggest Fan!

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